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How Much Belief Should You Invest in the Diagnosis of a Chronic Condition?

By Catherine Leas

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinsons, a neurological disorder that creates a shortage of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is necessary for movement and feeling. My symptoms, typical of Parkinsons, were tremors, stiffness, and depressed mood and affect. These symptoms were helped for a period of time by a prescription of Carbidopa/Levodopa (Sinemet), which replaced some of the dopamine that was missing and confirmed the diagnosis. However, over time, the medication became less effective while causing unpleasant side effects. Then, I took my own health care in hand and began reading and researching chronic health conditions and Parkinsons in particular. Like many other chronic conditions, my diagnosed condition is allegedly inherited, chronic, irreversible, and progressive. I began to question how my diagnosis could be caused by genetic inheritance when no one in my otherwise extremely long-lived family ever demonstrated any of these symptoms. How can we explain the incredible increases in numbers of newly diagnosed cases? Aren’t we ignoring the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room when we fail to look for all of the most likely causes of this and other chronic, supposedly reversable conditions?

We ingest toxins with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the liquids we drink, and the things that are absorbed through our skin. This position, of course, elicits denials and misinformation from those corporations who profit first from the products and systems producing these toxins and then who profit again by selling us treatment in the form of expensive medications. However, anyone who still trusts industry funded research on product safety only has to look at the recent cases against Monsanto resulting in substantial verdicts awarded by outraged juries who saw how the company knowingly buried evidence of harm caused by Roundup. Perhaps the harm caused by genetically modified organisms (GMOs), also in large part but not solely, created by Monsanto, will soon finally be exposed as a significant contributor to our health problems. We should all know better than to accept industry funded research by now, and we should all realize that much of mainstream media is actively distorting what we read about the subject of our wellness. Dr. Joseph Mercola, who hosts one of the most popular natural healing websites at www.mercola.com, reports that when used as a search engine, Google actively steers internet search inquiries away from that website, including when Dr. Mercola’s name is specifically entered into the search. Google recently intentionally reduced traffic to Dr. Mercola’s website recently by more than 99% in a very short period of time. Google claimed to be looking out for our best interests by shutting off inquiries to Dr. Mercola’s website, as if telling us we are not smart enough to know that something is helpful or not. Google is finally being investigated for selling consumers health care information. Try “Googling” that subject on Google’s search engine and see what you come up with as a search result.

We should all be questioning just how much of the “chronic and irreversible” label is based in reality. Applying the steps outlined below has helped me to eliminate all prescription medications and keep me working full-time and enjoying life. I do have a DBS (Deep Brain Stimulator) system which was implanted about seven years ago. I am regaining my energy and positive mood, two former casualties of this condition, which suggests that my body is making more dopamine than it did before. I am only one of a growing number of people treating their
own “chronic and irreversible” conditions with success All of the methods listed below require a commitment in time, but their monetary cost is too minimal to generate any interest by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Indeed, to the extent these and other industries that profit by contributing to our toxic overload in the first place are interested in any of these methods, it is to generate disinformation about them in order to continue making their profits derived from treating these chronic conditions with prescriptions.

I do need to make a disclaimer here. I am not a doctor, I have no medical training, and no one should interpret this article as a suggestion that you should just stop taking all medications and try these more natural methods instead. However, if your doctor is unwilling to even acknowledge or discuss the potential benefits of implementing natural interventions, even as a supplement to the prescriptions you are taking, then you should find a doctor who is willing to have that discussion with you. The neurologist who I see for my DBS adjustments is one such physician,

Your body possesses a wonderful innate wisdom. If you treat your body well, it will try to heal itself and your job is to give your body what it needs to heal. Following are the methods I have employed to improve my health and help to overcome my Parkinsons-related symptoms, but which will help anyone dealing with any chronic condition caused by toxic overload, whether or not that condition has even been diagnosed yet.

#1 Detox Detox Detox. Your body knows how to detox itself and it will try to do so until the continuous onslaught of toxins overloads the systems designed to deal with those toxins. Some ways to get your body’s detoxing system operational again include:

Drinking clean water. Do not trust tap water and try to avoid water in plastic bottles. I use a Berkey Filter, but there are lots of other options to get pure water. Avoid purchasing water in plastic bottles, as they exude chemicals into the water when heated and you don’t know the conditions under which the bottle was transported or stored.

Sweat/Sauna. My husband and I have a two-person dry-heat sauna on our back patio which we use every morning for 30 minutes with the temperature set at 130 degrees. This did require an initial expenditure, but our daughter and her friend who have an estate sale business found a like-new sauna for about 1/5th the cost of a new one. The goal is to get a good sweat going every day. You can also do this by exercising, which is excellent for any chronic condition.

Make sure your digestive system is functioning properly. It is no coincidence that Parkinsons’ sufferers nearly always have a history of constipation. You can reverse years of problems by adjusting your diet to include more roughage, drinking plenty of clean water, and using an occasional herbal detoxing tea. Using laxatives just covers up the problem, which is that the colon is not working properly. A semi-functioning colon not only doesn’t assimilate the nutrients in the food being digested, it also adds to the toxic overload that is the underlying cause of the chronic condition.

#2 Treat food as medicine. Eliminate GMOs from your diet and eat organic, preferably raw, foods as much as possible. Get rid of processed foods and soda, diet or sugared. If a food contains wheat, soy, corn, canola, dairy, and/or sugar, then the food has GMOs unless it is labeled either non-GMO or organic. Consume raw and organic foods as much as possible as well as nuts, seeds, and good oils, such as avocado oil and olive oil. Reduce your beef intake and make sure any beef you do eat is grass-fed and organic. Eat organic chicken because non-organic chickens may be fed GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones, which means you eat those second-hand. Salmon should be wild-caught, as farm-raised salmon are often fed a GMO diet. Avoid processed food as they just contain more toxins. It takes more effort to prepare food this way and organic vegetables are usually more expensive than their pesticide-sprayed alternatives. However, if a greater percentage of shoppers or diners at restaurants start asking for organic food choices, the less that food will eventually cost. One good side effect of this approach to food and drink for me was that I lost 20 pounds of excess weight without really trying and I kept it off.

#3 Take care of your gut biome. Your gut biome is far more complicated than most people are led to believe. However, years and even decades of toxic overload plus prescription medications, especially antibiotics, destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut. Even if you have scrupulously avoided prescribed antibiotics, if you have consumed meat, you have probably been eating them second hand. Factory farm raised chickens, cows, and pigs are fed antibiotics to keep them from getting sick while living in crowded conditions. They are also fed hormones to grow more quickly, and we consume those second hand. Just eliminating the additional toxins is not enough to put your gut biome back in peak condition, especially if you have been unknowingly destroying it for years. I replenish my gut biome regularly with kombucha, fermented vegetables (kimchi and sauerkraut), kefir, and with probiotics.

#4 Energy work and Meditation..
Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga. I practice Chi Gong and Tai Chi twice a week in a class and practice on my own in between. These practices do more than just keep the energy, known as “Chi”, moving, they also stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain and cause them to work together more fluidly. In addition, the deep breathing techniques that are taught with these practices will, over time, retrain your body to breathe more deeply even when you are not thinking about it. All of these practices are considered a form of moving meditation, which has its own benefits.

Acupuncture. Acupuncture is another method of stimulating the body’s energy pathways. This does have a monetary cost but is slowly being recognized as a valid therapy and will sometimes be entitled to insurance coverage under some policies. I have been having acupuncture treatment regularly for several years.

Guided Meditation. Read anything and everything by Dr. Joe Dispenza, starting with “You Are The Placebo” and work your way through “Becoming Supernatural”. Or watch any of his new series, “Rewired”, on the Gaia channel. He can be found at www.drjoedispenza.com.

#5 Celery Juicing. Read “Celery Juice” by Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, and try it for at least 30 days. Celery juice needs to be taken on an empty stomach, ideally first thing in the morning, and it should be unadulterated, not even with water, lemon juice, or any other fruit or vegetable juice. You’ll be amazed.

#6 Exercise. Even a daily brisk 20-minute walk will benefit your body in many ways. I do a fast walking exercise nearly every day for about 20 minutes, and I also do a routine while standing at the kitchen sink each morning. I hold onto the edge of sink and go into a deep knee bend, as far down as I can go, and then back up, repeating as many times as I can. I finish with standing pushups against the edge of the sink. This combination gives my body at least some strength training, some stretching, and some cardio every day.

I am really interested hearing from people who have traveled the same road and changed from passive patients to people taking charge of their own health and doing so in an intelligent and rational way. I therefore invite your constructive feedback to this article, preferably after you have taken a common sense approach to some of these methods, by emailing me at [email protected] and putting “Website Article” in the subject matter.

Make Americans Strong Again

By Catherine Leas

“Make America Great Again” is a slogan susceptible to hijacking.  And it has been hijacked by the elite individuals who exercise extraordinary financial and political power through a surprisingly small group of transnational corporations and their political allies.  The elites control much of the power and wealth of this country and are on their way to doing the same with the rest of the world.  The elites, including the persons wielding this power and any people who self-identify with the elite goals and agenda, are globalists at heart but America is a very important battleground for them.  What has been hijacked is the very image and definition of America.   Americans who pay attention know we have been manipulated into supporting a now endless stream of wars on which American young lives and significant resources have been spent in conflicts somehow fought as a matter of policy in order to become permanent engagements.   Which image of America should we want to make great again?   The image of America generated by the elites who helped maneuver events to make those wars happen and who get richer as more wars are fought?  Or the image of America held by the military doing the job they are trained to do and doing it as well as can be expected under the circumstances?   Or the image of America as the place where we are free to maintain as happy and healthy lifestyle as we are able without harming anyone else?

Americans are becoming aware that there is a fight not started by us which, upon closer scrutiny, has nothing to do with the media-stoked war between Republicans and Democrats.  Look behind that war to see common patterns within the elites of both major political parties.  Elites are well entrenched in the upper echelons of government, the military, and intelligence agencies and they own the mainstream media.  They are consolidating their power and it is truly daunting.  The true division in this country is not between Republicans and Democrats or between Trumpers and Never-Trumpers.  Those are side shows.  The true division in America lies between the increasingly transparent goals and agendas of the elites and the desire of the rest of the country not to become the elite’s subjects, which I’ll call “normals”.   Elites, who have been with us since the dawn of civilization, are hard-wired to believe that they are entitled to create the rules by which normals live.  Elites honestly believe that normals are not smart enough or too dangerous to be permitted to make their own decisions for their own good. While some American normals understand that the impulse to rule can be irresistible, they are pretty sure that question was resolved once and for all some two hundred and fifty plus years ago with a revolution.

Elites fulfill a useful purpose in society when their power is granted by consent from normals.  Elites operate the inevitable power structures and bureaucracies that accompany most civilizations and they are appreciated by the normals only to the extent that the normals consent to have elites fulfill this role.  In order to consent, normals must maintain some type of awareness of what the elites are doing with their power.  Elites, however, tend to pass along power, knowledge, and wealth to their successors and they are terribly inventive, creative, and secretive in achieving their goals.  In fact, they are masters of misdirection and pretending not to usurp power beyond what they are given.  The American Revolution was fought against an entrenched elite that promptly learned its lessons from that war and reorganized in America under banners that avoided using the images of royalty.  However, within their own hearts, every member of the elite is convinced of the elite’s superior fitness to rule.  They have been raised and trained to rule.  Elites certainly remember why normals fought the American Revolution but would like normals to believe that that war was only a tax dispute involving guns.  Elites bang the drums of bipartisan conflict and endless war, hoping normals will listen, be afraid, and surrender yet more freedoms in exchange for the illusion of security the elite claims normals need.

That plan doesn’t work anymore.  American normals have awakened and realized that they have been manipulated and to an astonishing degree.  The elite foresaw this possibility and have been trying for decades to prevent such an occurrence or at least to forestall it until their power is absolute and unassailable.  The elites control the money supply, manufacture the military weapons used in the wars they engineered to happen, and are making every effort to control our food supply by genetic modification (GMO).  Elites have intentionally made it extremely difficult to avoid GMO foods, which are assumed by the unsuspecting public to be safe.   So sayeth the FDA, which accepted the patent owning transnational corporations’ opinions on that subject.  GMOs damage our gut microbiomes, which are the complex organisms consisting of trillions of bacteria cells that convert the food we eat into cellular energy, repair, and growth.  The proof that GMOs are extremely harmful to our health is too big to ignore but the elite corporations are doubling down on their position that we must eat it because it is good for us.  It’s not good for us.  It’s good for them because it keeps us fighting chronic health conditions caused by chronic inflammation attributable to our inability to process food into energy or to detox harmful organisms.

The elite agenda doesn’t stop at turning our food into substances that keep us alive but ill.  That agenda permeates the medical industry, medical school curriculum, and the attitudes of doctors trained within this certain model of medicine, which regards disease as caused by the unlucky spin of our genetic roulette wheels.   In a few cases, that model is correct.  However, the Western model of medicine treats a condition, once diagnosed and named, as requiring continuous management with prescriptions, all while ignoring the impact of what we eat, drink, and breathe on our health and also ignoring natural, more obvious means to create health.   In addition to their control of a significant sector of the food industry, the elites already control most of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.  Using of natural remedies might work wonders for our health but natural remedies do not enrich the corporations which therefore have little incentive to permit medical doctors to prescribe such remedies or cover them with insurance.  People find they have little choice between creating wellness and managing sickness because all the financial incentives support managing sickness.  Who has extra funds to pay for natural remedies out of pocket after paying for medical insurance, deductibles, and copays for treatment that appears unending?  The distorted financial incentives of this model of medicine must be disheartening and demoralizing for doctors who gravitated to the field of medicine by both aptitude and a desire to heal people, which must be most if not all doctors.  Why do we accept this sad state of affairs?   If we are too sick, confused, brainwashed, and divided to focus sustained attention on regaining our strength and health, then we are less likely to notice how the elites have reorganized and are doing exactly what elites do when normals aren’t paying attention for long enough.  And they have been organizing for decades while normals have been unaware, or if they became aware, they were called conspiracy theorists and scoffed at by the elite-controlled mainstream media.  Now the curtain has been thrown back and we see the Wizard of Oz at the controls of the machinery operating the illusion of Oz the Magnificent.  “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” indeed.

Elites have made great strides towards ultimate power in part by depriving normals of agency regarding their bodies’ health and well-being.  They have made and kept normals sick and distracted and manipulated monetary policies to make normals poorer and elites richer.  Elites have geoengineered our atmosphere by spraying substances known to be neurotoxic and established surveillance to a degree that would shock most normals if they really knew.  When normals take back their health care agency and make themselves strong again, they will look about them with a clarity of mind and wonder just how the elites have been able to do so much while normals weren’t paying attention.    Awakened normals will discover that the elites have broken the age-old implied contract between the two groups.  Normals will remember that the power the elite derive from participation in governance requires their consent.  Period.

Normals need to take back power over their bodies before the elite have all control of that which normals need to live.   As Americans become healthy again, they will become strong again and they will organize.  There will be a great deal of angst and screaming by the elites, especially those who were recent graduates of an elite educational system that makes no secret of the fact that their mission is to educate the future rulers of the planet.  However, we all have been indoctrinated to some degree.  We must remove our own blinders before we point to how others have been blinded. We cannot ever persuade an elite of the error of their thinking; we can only make it impossible for them to exert the domination they are bred and trained to exert.  Before we can do anything, however, we must take back something we have gradually conceded over decades, namely, our agency over our bodies.  In the following Chapters I will demonstrate how this can be done.

Catherine Leas

‘We are Humans First, Lawyers Second’

Having grown up in a large family of musicians, Catherine Leas loves music but lacked the sheer determination required to practice the many hours daily required to succeed in music as a career. Therefore, in 1990 at the age of 37, she applied to and was accepted by Arizona State University College of Law.

At the time her husband, Jeff, was supportive and her children – Amber, 10, and Christopher, 8 – took her role as a full-time student in stride.

“After graduation, I considered my options, mindful that I had a different mindset at age 40 than I had in my mid-20s,” Leas says. “I could not be happy giving up my choice of which cases I accepted or how to work on the cases. Renting an office within an executive suite in Scottsdale, I started a solo practice in estate planning and probate. As fate or synchronicity would have it, my suite-mates were all women lawyers who were generous with their time. We became good friends, sharing practice tips, ideas and war stories.”

Leas started her solo practice in elder law in Sun City in 1997. Today, she shares her office space with two other women attorneys – with whom she has also developed a close professional and friendly relationship.

Other support comes through connections made at the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Arizona Chapter and the Special Needs Alliance. “These organizations are full of inspiring and wonderful attorneys, most of whom do not self-identify as lawyers first but as human beings who have many wonderful facets, and who by the way, also practice law. It is a subtle difference, but important, and can be applied to other areas as well.”

In 2008, after experiencing tremors and stiffness in her right hand and arm, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Deep brain stimulation surgery reduced the tremors and stiffness dramatically, but her symptoms continued to progress and require prescription medications for management.

“I realized that, while Western medicine does have wonderful interventions, it relies upon a model of disease management that treats people as a bundle of symptoms rather than as an otherwise healthy human being experiencing those symptoms,” she says. “One has to go to alternative medicine for information about how to create health starting with the whole person.”

After implementing a regular meditation practice and reading books such as “You Are the Placebo” and “Becoming Supernatural” both by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Leas became aware that we all have a very sophisticated inner technology that we can learn to access and use to trigger our own natural healing processes.

“Some of this knowledge has been previously lost or forgotten but is now being rediscovered. For me, this meant Tai Chi, Chi Gong, meditation, a good diet, and maintaining presence whenever possible,” she says. “Contrary to the expectations of Western medicine, I have moderated and even reversed my tremors and stiffness while eliminating all prescription medications.”

Through it all, she has developed a satisfying legal practice by remember that she is a human being first and a lawyer second.

“Co-creating my own healing required more than just believing that we are so much more than a cluster of symptoms requiring management. It also required sheer will and determination. Like music, that is something that must be practiced, nurtured, and developed over time.”

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