About Probate

The death of a family member typically involves more challenges and hurdles than most people realize. There may have been a lingering final illness or a sudden death that took the family by surprise. In either situation, the guidance of an elder law attorney can be a strong source of moral support and practical assistance.

We Can Help You With the Task of Administering Your Loved One's Estate or Trust

Planning and carrying out a funeral and burial are often all-consuming for surviving family members during the days and weeks following loss of a loved one. Sending out obituaries, accepting condolences from friends and family, and going through stages of grief can be exhausting. Adjusting to the absence of the recently deceased family member can be a tough transition.

Meanwhile, there are vital legal and financial matters to take care of such as probate and estate administration. Lawyer Catherine Leas at The Law Office of Catherine Leas, P.C., provides valuable guidance through all phases of end-of-life issues such as trust administration and the probate process. Located in Sun City, Arizona, our law firm represents clients in Surprise and throughout Maricopa County. We also work well long distance with clients who are out of town or out of state.

Are you a personal representative (executor) or a trustee responsible for administering a friend or relative's estate or trust? We can direct you through all the necessary steps leading to distribution of the decedent's assets.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Catherine LeasThe Law Office of Catherine Leas, P.C., handles all probate law matters, including guardianships and conservatorships. We are prepared to advise you as to whether either or both of these proceedings are necessary and appropriate for your family member. Sometimes they are necessary because the person neglected to execute a power of attorney and at other times because the powers of attorney are being misused or the agents do not agree as to what should be done. Call 602-842-6903 or email us to schedule a consultation.